Migrating from BladeCenter to Flex SystemPlanning / Implementation

  • Bin Qi Zhang
  • Ye Xu
  • Jason Brunson
  • Jun Zeng
  • Jian Guo Ma
18 Dec 2013
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Flex System is a next-generation platform ideally suited to data center environments that require flexible, cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient server infrastructure.

This paper highlights the major advances of Flex System. BladeCenter is used as a comparative example on aspects such as chassis, compute node, management module, power supply, cooling, network, and I/O. Key factors users need to consider when planning workload migration also are reviewed. Some instrumentation and reference tools are offered here, with detailed steps that take the user through the entire planning process.

This paper is intended for those IT professionals who want to migrate a workload from existing hardware to the Flex System.

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