ThinkSystem SR655 Sets Two World Records with New TPCx-IoT ResultPerformance Benchmark Result

3 Oct 2019
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A cluster of five Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 servers has achieved the world’s best TPCx-IoT performance and price/performance results for any server configuration.

This document summarizes the TPCx-IoT benchmark result for the ThinkSystem SR655 that was published on September 18, 2019. The document lists the result, summarizes the major components of the configuration under test, and provides the link to the relevant benchmark organization’s web site for details about the result.


Lenovo has published a new TPCx-IoT benchmark result that has set two world records. Achieved on a cluster of five of the powerful Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 2U rack servers, the benchmark result is:

  • The world’s best TPCx-IoT performance result
  • The world’s best TPCx-IoT price/performance result

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650The TPCx-IoT benchmark is designed to enable customers to objectively measure and compare the performance and price of various IoT gateway systems.

The five ThinkSystem SR655 servers achieved the following score (1):

  • 742,256.79 IoTps (TPCx-IoT Performance Metric) @ $0.26 USD per IoTps

This result sets two new records:

  • The highest performance in the industry, and is 57% faster than the Supermicro A+ Server 2014TP-HTR result (2)
  • The lowest ever price/performance, and is 10% lower than the Supermicro A+ Server 2014TP-HTR result price/performance

In this new result, Lenovo has the highest performance and the lowest price/performance for all published TPCx-IoT benchmark results.

The SR655 servers achieved this record level of IoT gateway performance using the following configuration:

  • Five Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 servers each with:
    • One AMD EPYC 7502P 32-core processor at 2.5 GHz (1 processor, 32 cores, 64 threads)
    • 256 GB of Lenovo TruDDR4 3200 MHz memory
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.6
    • HBase 2.1.4 on Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop 6.3.0
  • One Lenovo ThinkSystem NE2572 RackSwitch

This result also utilized ThinkSystem SSD and NVMe SSD drives. One ThinkSystem M.2 5100 480GB SATA 6Gbps SSD was used in each SR655 for fast operating system, swap, Hadoop Master, root, and temp storage requirements. Two ThinkSystem Mainstream NVMe SSDs were utilized in each SR655 data node for fast read/write operations for database data and temporary storage.

Results referenced are current as September 25, 2019. To view all TPC results, visit

(1) The total solution availability for this TPCx-IoT benchmark result is December 18, 2019. See the details for this result at

(2) Supermicro A+ Server 1014TP-HTR result details are available at

About the ThinkSystem SR655

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 with the next generation AMD EPYC architecture delivers outstanding TCO for virtualization, big data, analytics, and scale up software defined deployments. It offers two-socket performance in a 2U, single-socket design, featuring higher core, and storage density; increased I/O throughput with less latency; along with built-in system security.

With the enterprise class AMD EPYC 7002 Generation processor, the world’s first 7nm data center CPU, the SR655 features up to an unprecedented 64 cores with 128 PCIe Gen4 lanes in a single socket to reduce bottlenecks and increase server utilization.

Compared to the previous processor generations, ThinkSystem servers with AMD architecture deliver up to 2X performance and 4X floating point capability, providing faster data transfer and analytics without sacrificing memory capacity or I/O with PCIe Gen4 support and faster memory speeds up to 3200 MHz.

Key features of the SR655 include:

  • Multi-GPU optimized rack server, providing support for up to 6 single-wide GPUs that offer more workload acceleration in AI Inference and virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI).
  • 64 cores to handle heavy-lift virtualization workloads; provides cutting edge application efficiency in health care applications such as EMR, PACS, and medical imaging or electronic trading platforms for financial services applications.
  • Support for up to 32 NVMe solid-state drives; when paired with high speed networking, make the system an excellent choice for workloads that need large amounts of low-latency high-bandwidth storage, including virtualized clustered SAN solutions, software-defined storage (SDS), and applications leveraging NVMe over Fabrics.

About TPCx-IoT

TPCx-IoT Express Benchmark IoT (TPCx-IoT) enables customers to objectively measure and compare the performance and price of various IoT (Internet of Things) gateway systems. TPCx-IoT consumes large quantities of data from large numbers of devices, while running real-time analytic queries. The gateway systems perform data aggregation, real-time analytics, and persistent storage functions.

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