Reference Architecture for Workloads using Lenovo ThinkAgile CP SeriesReference Architecture

26 Sep 2019
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Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series is an all-in-one, composable cloud with an integrated application marketplace and end-to-end automation, delivering a turn-key cloud experience in your own data center. ThinkAgile CP Series uses modular compute, storage, and networking components paired with Cloudistics cloud virtualization software to create pools of IT resources, independently scaling and allocating capacity, and automatically configuring resources to fulfil application requirements.

This reference architecture document describes Splunk Enterprise software and provides recommendations on what appliance model to use and how to size the appliance to that workload for running on the ThinkAgile CP series. The intended audience for this document is technical IT architects, system administrators, and managers who are interested in executing workloads on the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series infrastructure.

Table of Contents

Technical overview of appliances
Deployment models
Splunk Enterprise

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