3D Tour: Lenovo Flex System x480 X6Interactive 3D Tour

22 Feb 2016
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Use this 3D Interactive Tour of the Lenovo Flex System x480 X6 to see the components of the blade server and learn about many of its key features. You can use the buttons to view various features and use mouse gestures to rotate and zoom in.


  • Click the (+) hot spots on the model to read about key features
  • Click the numbered buttons to display different views or click the Play button to cycle through all views
  • Use the zoom, rotate and move buttons to move the model or use mouse gestures:
    • Rotate: Left mouse button
    • Pan/Move: Right mouse button
    • Zoom: Mouse wheel

For details and specifications about the blade server, view the Flex System x480 X6 Product Guide.

Interactive 3D Tour

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