Robert R. Wolford

Robert R. Wolford is the Principal Engineer for power management and efficiency at Lenovo. He covers all technical aspects that are associated with power metering, management, and efficiency. Previously, he was a lead systems engineer for workstation products, video subsystems building block owner for System x, System p, and desktops, signal quality and timing analysis engineer, gate array design, and product engineering. In addition, he was a Technical Sales Specialist for System x. Bob has several issued patents centered around computing technology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Distinction from the Pennsylvania State University.

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Tuning UEFI Settings for Performance and Energy Efficiency on AMD Processor-Based ThinkSystem Servers
Planning / Implementation, first published 7 Mar 2020, last updated 15 Jan 2021

Understanding P-State Control on Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to Maximize Energy Efficiency
Planning / Implementation, first published 20 Apr 2018, last updated 16 May 2019

Energy Efficiency Features of Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers
Planning / Implementation, first published 24 Oct 2017, last updated 25 Apr 2019

Power Management with Lenovo Efficiency Mode
Planning / Implementation, first published 16 Aug 2016, last updated 7 Dec 2016

Energy Efficiency Features of Lenovo System x Servers
Positioning Information, first published 24 Aug 2015

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